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2/6/97Added this page
Something added to the Stories and Humor Sections
2/9/97Added a link to the links section
2/16/97Added something to the Stories section
2/20/97Added Dai Uy to the Stories section
3/5/97Added Art Varanelli's Information Page to links section
3/17/97Added Stolen Youth to Voices section.
3/21/97Added Favors to Stories section.
4/6/97Added The Final Day of My Husband's Life to Stories section.
Added a MAP to the Maps section.
4/13/97Added Wisconsin to the Voices Section.
Added a Poems Section.
4/24/97Added Declarations of War - An Opinion to the Articles section.
4/27/97Added Uniforms of the NVA to the Articles section.
Added Letter from President Nixon to President Nguyen Van Thieu and
Peace With Honor: Radio-television broadcast to the Documents Section.
5/7/97Added Don Poss's WAR STORIES to the Links section.
Added Jane Fonda's Hanoi Radio Broadcast to the Stories section.
5/29/97Added Mines and Booby Traps to the Articles section.
7/4/97Added Rules of Engagement to the Voices section.
7/13/97Added Olive Drab Angel to the poems section.
7/13/97Added My Stuff to the poems section.
7/20/97Added America's Best to the stories section
8/17/97Added The Poems of Robert H.Dirr, Jr. to the poems section.
11/27/97Added Healing By Looking Back to the Voices
12/14/97Added The Poetry of Betty Lou to the Poems Section.
1/5/98Added Untitled to the Stories section
3/10/98Added Unexpected Treats to the Stories section
3/16/98Added N.C.O.C. Locator Home Page to the Links section
3/22/98Added The Wall and A Soldier Retires to the Poems Section.
Added Who I Am to the Voices Section.
Added President's Nixon's Report On Vietnam 5-14-69 to the Documents Section.
Added The Vietnam War Internet Project to the Links Section.
4/4/98Added a new section under Stories, Tet 1968.
4/22/98Added Letters From Vietnam to the index.
5/22/98Added The Woods and Memorial Day to the Voices Section.
7/13/98Added The Madness to the Stories section.
7/24/98Added A Bottle of Brandy to the Stories section.
9/6/98Added Some Gave All to the Letters section and The Not So Routine Convoy to the stories section.
9/24/98Added Reminiscence of a Holiday to the Stories section.
11/5/98After about a week of work, the finishing touches were finally put on the new layout for Tom Dier's Vietnam Homepage. Hope you like it!
11/15/98Added Outside the Wire to the stories section
1/5/99Empty Chairs to the links section
2/28/99Added some maps, a link and fixed the counter...
4/14/2000Added an article and a link
06/02/2000Added a Story
1/17/2001Added a poem
2/8/2001Added a link
6/16/2001Added a story
11/17/2001Added a poem

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