Unexpected Treats

Ted Moen

Two cohorts, my friend and me
  closer than peacetime lovers
    could ever hope to be
Tumbled together from the helicopter
To cross the soft, muddy rice paddies and
  climb the steep, climate hardened dikes
    in the heat of the mid-day Delta sun


We stumbled onto a field of sugar cane
  'n celebrating our lucky day
    we relaxed (just a second or two)
      to enjoy
        our sweet, our unexpected treat

The unanticipated click echoed in my ear
  signaling a sick feeling deep inside
    the wave of noise engulfed us both
      trapped, I helplessly watched
        my cohort explode
Bits and pieces of flesh and juices
  splattering hot
    against my unprotected cheek
Two eyes begging me
  'hold my hand just a moment, please, 'n
    tell my mom I never ment anyone any harm'
Two eyes pleading as he started to sink
  and settle into the warm Delta slime
    I had to let him go
      and attack the core of the ambush

So I did as I had to do
  I let him go, or so I thought
    and I charged and I survived and I
      promised myself from that time on
        to pay very close attention

I kept my promise (I keep it yet)
  and on my three hundred and sixty-sixth
    warm sunny Delta day
      they, they who keep track of such things
    they sent me home
  with his remains

my unexpected treat

Copyright © 1998 Ted Moen All Rights Reserved

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Added 3/10/98