A Visit to the Wall

Bob Aldrich

        Hello, my friend,
        It's been a long long time.
        I meant to come here long ago,
        But couldn't seem to make the climb.

        The fit of sadness and fury I felt
        When they took you from that place,
        Will fade with time and I will be with you,
        Standing face to face.

        Time passes, yet I can't let go,
        No longer can I afford to waste.
        So far past my prime now,
        Sweet freedom I must taste.

        I miss you more than I can say,
        The tears I can not slow.
        Sadness for the injustice and guilt,>
        That now I dare not show.

        The things I need to say to you,
        I know you hear them now.
        I can not seem to hide my shame,
        Here in the darkness I avow.

        As I touch this stone that bears your name,
        My pain flows slowly out.
        Your voice I hear, though very low,
        Almost seems a shout.

        You must not feel so helpless,
        I have gone and found my peace.
        As you stand right here before me,
        You MUST allow release.
        You can not change the things that pass,
        You should not even dare.
        Go back to those that stayed behind,

        And show them that you care.

        Keep our memory alive,
        And help the ones in need.
        Because they are our brothers,
        For whom we did the deed.

Bob Aldrich
November 11, 1996

Copyright © 1996 Bob Aldrich

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